8 Replies to “Which at present is the best assured return on investments in india in terms of yield and safety?”

  1. Bank Deposits, especially, from Public Sector Banks are 100% safe and the yeild is as high as 9%. For instance, Union Bank of Inida offers 9% return on 400 days deposit.

  2. Best investment in debt market is provident fund. And if you have not this facility then you can go for public provident fund.
    Instrument Duration (yrs)
    Employee Provident Fund Till retirement
    Returns (%) Compounding
    8.50� Yearly
    Taxability of income
    Here you will also get income tax rebate and the returns are tax free.

  3. Compared to the volatile conditions in the Equity Market, you can consider investments in Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Debts. You can also consider Mutual funds based on these instruments.

  4. HI,

    You need the high returns upon the investment you make.For this you need to consult your financial advisor and according to me you should only ask him to advice and not to invest.

    I would advice you to invest in a company which gives you a high returns than any other banks or financial institutions,coz am one of the investors in that company.

    Its http://www.svcapital.biz a company from chennai which gives me a returns of 5000/- per month upon 50,000/- for 24 months. that too with a legal twenty rupees agreement and five cheques in advance.So go check it out am shure you would like it…

  5. As someone has mentioned before, PPF or Public Provident
    Fund is the best assured return investment in terms of yield & safety. A PPF account can be opened in any State BAnk of INdia branch and even with ICICI Bank and Post offices.

    Consider following:
    1. PPF returns are soverign guaranteed. Evn if you go bankrupt, PPF account cannot be touched
    2. Income tax rebate under Sec 80C
    3. Returns are currently Tax free
    4. 8% compounding per year (tax free)

    FD returns are taxable, and therefore cant match this.

    However if you can remain invested for the longer term i.e. 3-5 years, Equity investments thru reputed 5-star Mutual funds like HDFC Prudence are almost in the “safest” category. HDFC Prudence has a great track record of over 14 years and has given a 20% plus compounding return since inception! I have always remained invested in this fund for last 3 yeras and have always got upwards of 18% on this annually. I opted for the Dividend option! Read more on HDFC Prudence at http://www.valueresearchonline.com/funds/fundanalysis.asp?schemecode=600

  6. The safe bets being Fixed Deposits / Debt funds which wud give u some 8% returns.If u wanna keep ur principal safe then invest some amount in POMIS (Post office monthly income scheme) and invest the returns everymonth in SIP of some good equity funds.U will get better returns provided u have patience and a long term vision.All the best.

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