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  1. To become a sub-broker, you must first discuss and decide with a registered broker about deposits, infrastructure needed, staff requirements, brokerage structure, sharing of income etc. Unless you do this, just getting certificates is useless. Please do this first.

    To operate NSE cash segment you need NCFM ( capital market – dealers ) certificate, to operate NSE futures and options you need NCFM ( derivatives ) certificate and for BSE you need BCSM certification.

    But as I said, please first discuss all terms and conditions, requirements with a broker. Assess whether the broker is willing to register you as sub-broker. If everything is positive, then you start thinking about certificate. It is business and not a job ( so no applying after doing the courses or so ).

    In case you need more info, let me know. Am in the same field and based in Mumbai.

    Wish you all the best.