4 Replies to “which are the best share fund managers in india?”

  1. The following Fund Managers has given good returns under the schemes of various Funds over a period of 3 years.

    1) Mr.Sukumar Rajah & Mr.Satish Ramanathan who are managing Franklin Indias Prima Plus Scheme.
    2) Mr. Anand Shah who is managing ICICI Prudential who is managing Power Scheme.
    3)Mr. Apoorva Shah who is managing DSPML-Top200 Scheme.

  2. Some of the best fund managers of Indian equity MF industry are

    Prashanth Jain of HDFC Equity and the famed HDFC Prudence
    Sandip Sabharwal, formerly the star manager of SBI Contrafund…..currently a director in JM Financial (??)
    Siva Subramanian of Franklin Blue Chip
    Sukumar of Franklin India Prima
    Sunil Singhania of Reliance Growth

    Fund manager of Reliance Vision Fund – can’t remember his name

    Fund manager of Sundaram BNP Select Mid Cap Fund – can’t remember his name

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