Which are the best LIC plans?

I want to get idea about various LIC plans for the better investments. Please guide me.

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  1. Take Term Plan for Insurance for the amount you plan
    After paying the premium with the remaining amount invest in
    Mutual funds monthly


    in PPF.

    Your end returns will be much superior.

  2. Each of LIC plan is good.

    One has to study your profile in detai like age, responsibilities etc. to advice you ideal life insurance portfolio.

    Contact any good agent from your locality. If in Mumbai, I can be of help. reach me on [email protected]

  3. It depends on your needs. There are plans for personal need, family needs, long term responsibilities, children support, old age support. You have to decide first what are you looking for then call an insurance agent. you can easily find from any of your references. Be specific on what you need and assess if the policy is right one for you.

  4. Plans are made keeping certain growth benefits. It is almost equal in all plans. you have to choose which one will suits your needs.

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