Which are some of the child insurance plans that give good returns on investment?

Hi, I am looking to start some insurance investments due to rising costs of education. Please suggest me some insurance plans with good returns.

Which are some of the child insurance plans that give good returns on investment?
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  1. I am not in favour of doing insurance plans for children.
    I can do long term and short term saving or fixed deposit plan for kids.
    But no way I will insure them.

    What I would do with the money we get after a child’s death !!

    EDIT –
    As per KSMART’s answer –
    Then its Child care plan and not Child Insurance plan.
    And why we need to mix up purpose !!
    For every thing Multi Function Device is not the best option.
    Multi Function Device may be good choice for music system (5 in one) or Copier/printer but not good for savings and insurance.

  2. Its not just insurance , its saving money for the child future.

    Also there is a premium waiver option where in if dad dies , the policy will continue with the actual return without paying any premium further.

    Lets take an example : Raj’s father takes a child insurance policy where in he is going to pay 20000 yearly for 20 years where Raj will get 12 lakh ruppees when he turns 20.

    Suppose Raj’s father dies when raj is 5 years old.Imeediately Raj’s policies premium stops and still raj will get 12 lakh rupees when he turns 20 years.

    So it will definately provide money for childs future.

    LIC child career and Child future are 2 good plans.

  3. Insurance is a flat out TERRIBLE way to invest. it’s actually illegal (in the US) to ssell Life Insurance as an investment though many companies are pretty good at walking that fine line! Life Insurance is about income protection. Your kids don’t need it. Get yourself a good, inexpensive term policy with a child rider to cover funeral expenses just in case. and then look into 529 or Coverdell plans where you can actually get a good rate of return and take ownership of your investments.

  4. Insurance is an expense , not an avenue for investment.

    Returns from an insurance policy will not even beat inflation.

    Go for a combination of SIP IN A BALANCED MUTUAL FUND / PPF.

    Having said this , have enough TERM COVER for yourself.

  5. Insurance is all about risk protection.

    If you are looking at inflation proofing your investments opt for SIP route of mutual funds.

    Please go for Table 90 of LIC (risk protection with premium waiver) alongwith MF Investments.

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