4 Replies to “Which are best options to save or invest ₹2000-₹3000 on monthly basis.?”

  1. it is better to save in a balanced mutual fund plan,look out for a open ended scheme as it provides good liquidity
    and you can withdraw from the plan whenever necessary

  2. (1) The easiest option will be to start a recurring deposit (RD) with your bank. In RD you allow your bank to draw monthly some fixed amount (like Rs 2K/3K) for a fixed period of time (say one year). It is more a savings scheme than a investment. Your returns (which is taxable) will not be more than 6% per annum.

    (2) Your second option will be Public Providend Fund (PPF). The mechanism is same like RD but it will give you a better returns than RD. In terms of net returns after tax will not be more than 6% but on annual basis PPF savings will allow you to get some tax deductions on your income. So your net tax liability will go dowm.

    (3) At last, my favorite option. Start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in a diversified equity mutual fund. Go on investing fixed amount on monthly basis in a mutual fund for next 5 years. You can be rest assured that your net returns will not be less than 15% per annum

  3. You can save more money and can earn huge profit on daily basis from stock and commodity market, these markets are highly volatile but these gives huge profit.

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