Whic is the Best ULIP for me ?

I am 29 years old. I want to open a ULIP. But confused which is the best ULIP for me ?

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  1. It is better to keep INSURANCE & INVESTMENT separate.

    For Insurance go for PURE TERM.

    For Investment go for a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

    Listen to a retired insurance advisor.

  2. Universal Life policies are very complicated. The reason is you can pay almost what ever you want into them. You can pay the minimum premium and your insurance plan will at some point run out of money causing you to dump a lot more into it to keep it or to start a new plan. On the flip side you can over fund the policy and save money in the policy. Both ways have their good points and bad points. Do keep in mind that Life Insurance is not an investment, if it were it would be taxable as an investment. In my opinion there is no way to answer your question as it is because policies have slight differences with every company. You best bet is to talk to an independent agent that can run policies for several companies.

    If you are in the state of Tennessee send me an email I would be happy to give you any answers that I can.

    Hope that helps!

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