whic investment plan?

Which is the best mutual fund investment in India? What are the factors we have to consider while investing and how should we manage our funds? Which are the giving maximum benefits? Is there any one time investment plans? Which website gives correct information and guides us without hiding the facts? What is best “should we invest in MF” or “NSC” or “PPF” or “TAX saving bank account” or “Post office” for investing 50k ?

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  1. Hdfc ,SBI , ICICI MUTUAL FUNDS r there.

    If u want to take mutual funds info u should consult broker or banker. try to open an 3 in one A/c in Icici or hdfc.
    sharekhan, kotak securies… I prefer these brokers. because they will charge less brokarage than icici or hdfc.

    They will give some stock ideas for investing every week. simply follow that ideas.Then u can earn more moeny…
    Sharekhan’s stock ideas r very good. Call them or visit www. sharekhan.com . ask u r queris… clarify u r doubts,, and compare brokerages with other bankers or brokers..


    all the best


  2. Dear, there r more company for invenstment in mutual fund. Reliance, SBI, UTI, hdfc etc. you should consult with any broker of share market in nearest branch of investment as karby,alankrit.or others related investment institute. On internate u will see more option of investment in mutual fund. You may get maximum benefits to cover more risk. one concept more risk more profit, less risk minimum benefit. so u may decide it more. Icicidirect.com,hdfc.com,sulemankhan.com may give more correct information and guide of investment. if u want to cover more risk and get more benefit then u shoud investment in share and not cover more risk then investment in MF, NSC and tax saving.

    of fine and wish more suitable for u in earning more benefit.

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