4 Replies to “Whether the present Personal Life Insurance products will cater the needs of challenging future?”

  1. The returns from a Traditional Insurance Product are very poor.

    The returns from a ULIP are attractive after 10-15 years. At the time of maturity the markets should be doing well.

    The only advantage of ‘returns from insurance’ is that they are tax free. Whereas Pension is taxable.

  2. The return of traditional products do not beat the inflation. I have seen that the return of insurance product is between 5-6% (tax free).

    If someone want to just save for the future then one should invest in PPF. It provides 8.5% risk free tax free return.

  3. It depends on which product you have chosen if its a traditional plan you are taking to cover your life so returns may not be attractive but ULIP plans with capital quarantee definitely takes care of inflation.

  4. The basic objective of insurance is risk coverage. If you love your family, I feel it is better to protect them and ward off any likely problems at a later date. The best suggestion I would like to offer is that you cover your risk through a Term Plan. The balance of investment can be put in ULIP plans for asset creation. You can get in touch with me for your consultancy. I am a Bangalore based Consultant for Life and General Insurance Products and also Mutual Funds.

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