4 Replies to “Whether short term gains in gold ETF can be offset against short term loss in equity?”

  1. Firstly you need to check whether the loss is short term or speculative.
    Then we need to see if clubbing of the businesses is possible or not.

    There are various factors involved into this.

    For this you should consult a tax practitioner than to go by generalised advise.

  2. A ETF is an Exchange traded fund,and I think is treated at par with an equity share.You should make a statement of all the short term gains/losses from shares,ETFs,Mutual Funds,Bonds and pay tax if there is a profit.

  3. Absolutely… no issues with that
    you can even setoff STCL in gold ETF from STCG in equity shares
    Athough none of them whether it be gain or loss should be from speculative business.

    Hope it helps
    Good Luck!!

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