Where to invest with double return in India?

I am having around 45 thousand which I want to invest in such a way so that after three years I get almost double of it.Can anyone help me regarding this in which of the different funds I can invest…if you can give me an approx calculation based on current market rates and discussing the risk associated I will be really thankful.

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  1. Create a balance portfolio consisting of fundamentally strong companies , commodities ( copper ) , real estate ( keeping eye for long term ). Investing in equity mutual fund will get you good returns this year.

    Automobile sector and infrastructure sector looks good.

    Always do a proper research before investing. It will hep you to make good investment decisions.

  2. put the money in bank fix deposits. wait until sensex touch 12000. invest in any bank share like BOI/kotak bank/hdfc bank, ur money will be doubled within 1 year. till then wait.

  3. Hi Sandeep,

    No one has any such method with considerably less risk. If any one had such a method that person would be busy making money and would not respond to your query. The more greedy you get the greater risk you take. I would suggest target for lesser returns and do not put you money in places where risk is too high.


  4. Doubling your money in three years is targetting a return of 26% PA effective, which is a little tough, I mean you have to take substancial risk with your investment. If you have the knowledge and acumen, then you should go for direct equity investment for targetting this return.

    If you can soften your target return a little bit, then Equity Mutual fund will work great for you. But in this volatile market, it will be advisable to invest through SIP and not invest in lump sum. A little aggressive funds like Reliance growth or Sundaram BNP Paribas Select mid cap will give a return of 15-20%. But you need to be patient and ride the market ups and downs

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