13 Replies to “Where to invest my income in a proper manner?”

  1. Pick a favorite company which listed on stock exchange and do extensive research on it. Try to learn investment from bottom up and you won’t regret you did that in your life time. If you are still young take more risk and invest on stocks, otherwise invest on fixed income like CD or bonds or even currencies. The learning never ends.

  2. Goto post office or Bank and open a recurring account and deposit your money monthly.
    On maturity you will get a big amount. Invest in Gold or Real Estate and keep with you. This is your money, don’t give it to anyone like share market or mutual fund company.

  3. Proper way to invest is only a Mutual Fund to long term give you good benefits and also if you know about share markets knowledge would give you nice results, but you should be expert in Share Traders.

  4. there are many options ranging from mutuals funds to share market…

    I prefer that you invest a little money on your HEAD… I mean that you must invest in books which will open your mind and help you make more money. Example, books can relate to share market or network marketing. I feel that learning the skills needed in network marketing will help you make more faster and so little money which you have compared to any other option…

    Once you know the skills how to make Rs 7000 to Rs 70,000 you will thank me. So invest in yourself.
    A few books which I recommend are
    – The magic of Thinking Big
    – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki
    – How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnigie


    How to get rich without winning the lottery… This book contain various ways in which you can make more money by investing in various options including the things you love to do…

    I have got a soft copy of this book and if you want I can email you the same. It contain only 70 life changing pages. If you want a copy just email me at [email protected]

    Also check out http://www.stockguruindia.com. Here you can invest your money in share market through experts of the market who take responsibility of giving you back 20% per month return and will also return you invested money in 6 months time…

    I hope this information would be of help to you…

    Helping people make more money Tension Free

  5. I highly recommend that you do not invest any of your money. 7000rs per month does not give you enough extra money to invest. You should invest in education for yourself first to increase your pay, then go into investing.

  6. Why don’t you invest in insurance? Ofcourse, it won’t double your income. When you take an insurance policy you are committed to make the payment yearly/half yearly/quarterly for a longer term, say for 20 years or 25 years. Here you have to pay the premium regularly, otherwise your policy will be lapsed. If you are investing in a bank, I am sure, you will not deposit a fixed sum every month. The reason being that there is no commitment with the bank, and it is upto to you to deposit the money or not. As far as you are concerned, better option is insurance. You could contact me if you need any assistance in selecting the right type of insurance. Suresh Mob;9980342917

  7. Hi
    When it comes to investing your income there are various options that are available like shares, mutual funds etc but the choice of investing should be guided by the rate of return on that investment. I think if you want higher returns then in that case you should invest money in share market because it can assure you better returns on investment. But every coin has two sides similarly it is a known fact that market is volatile and it is always better to consult some expert before investing in the market. One of my friend has taken the services of Mansukh and has really benefited from it.
    Best of luck

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