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  1. Mutual fund is a medium for accumulating funds by issuing units to the investors and investing funds in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets in accordance with objectives as disclosed in offer document. Mutual fund units are issued and can typically be purchased or redeemed as needed at the fund’s current net asset value (NAV) per unit.Funds that are low risk invest generally in debt, which is safer than equity investments.An open-end fund is one that is available for subscription all through the year.Growth schemes normally invest a major part of their fund in equities and are willing to bear short-term decline in value for possible future appreciation.
    Investors get more units for the same amount of money in falling markets.
    Investment can be as low as Rs. 500 per month for some funds.
    Normally, investors are advised to stay invested at least for three years. But even after this duration, they have not made money.One who invests in SBI Magnum Emerging Business Fund five years ago, gets 6.3 % return on his investment today.If an investor puts Rs 1,000 every month in SBI Magnum Emerging Business Fund for five years (Rs 1,000 x 60 months = 60,000) earlier, he would get approximately 18 per cent returns today.
    Be cautious also of investments that promise a high return with little or no risk.
    ICICI PRU FMCG FUND (G) HAS NAV 102.41 on 4-10-2012(NAV 46.85 on 4-10-2007,58.57 on 8-1-2008)
    ICICI PRU INFRASTRUTURE FUND(G) has NAV 26.92 ON 4-10-2012(NAV 26.36 on 4-10-2007)
    ICICI PRU Focused Bluechip Equity fund has NAV 17.75 on 4-10-2012(NAV 7.26 on 20.10.2008)
    RETURN IS MORE IN FMCG fund and it is performing in better way than other schemes.
    ICICI pru focused bluchip fund (G) is also good.

  2. According to me mutual funds are not the right place to invest as there are risk of loosing money. Instead if you invest in nifty shares with proper strategy, you will get more than what you expect.Join Yahoo group ‘pm_ug’ for more details.

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