where to invest in India?

I have spare 60 lacs Rs and I wants to invest that money in india. I am looking for MF or FD, or any good and safe scheme so I can earn on monthly basis. I live in US and I need help regarding this, because near future I am planning to come back to india to settle down here.i need monthly earning so I can decide my future planning.

where to invest in India?
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  1. wise decision you need to take care your hard earned money
    first of all you invest 10 to 20 in banks as a fixed deposits they are safe and to some extant the return may be fixed but little
    nex you invest 20 lakhs in various mutual funds scheme uti sbi mf and so many other funds are there
    then two to three lakhs you invest in share market eventhough they are risky but you may get good returns at times and if you do it carefully
    the rest you invest in land/plots/gold and after settling at any place do some private financing also but only to a very low limit upto 10 thousand to poor people and some will fetch good returns and even if some small amount is lost you need not worry

  2. Hi Sanjeev

    It seems you are basically looking to park your funds for a certain period.
    You may do so by investing in FDR’s with the banks. They will give you higher returns than liquid MF’s and at the same time you can choose the tenure of your deposits.


    Team Garima Bajaj

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