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  1. I’d say when, or if they already have one, invest in their only export to the U.S. – – – Coffee !
    I hear it’s going great !

  2. Pranav,

    Investing in stock market is good and it will give you best returns in a long run. But as a newbie in stock market, you are not aware anything about the direct equity investment. For a newbie, direct equity market investment is not at all recommended. Because, it required lots of time and effort to research on companies to find out the best stock to invest for a long term.

    following words from somebody or following the public is not at all suitable for a wise investor. You have decided to invest in equity and you are not aware about the direct stock investing, you have lots of other simple method to invest for good returns.

    Select 3 or 4 good equity mutual fund and invest on the same as monthly SIP of 2000 or 3000 rupees per month and for next year. This will make you as a disciplined investor and a disciplined investor will never fail.

    You can also select Index funds from mutual fund houses or Exchange Traded Funds focused to major indexes and Gold ETF’s are your suitable investment instruments.

    to start mutual funds, you need to select the best mutual funds with right portfolio mix and contact the mutual fund house directly and inform them your intention. they will help you. All you required to have your first cheque and a copy of PAN card. This is more suitable to get you 100% equity exposure. In Index fund also you would have to do the same.

    For ETF’s you need to open an online trading account with a best broker by considering the maintenance, commission charges, customer care quality, online trade facilities. Once after opening the online account you can purchase ETF and Gold ETF as per your interest and time. This is purchasing just like shares but compare with shares, it is giving more guarantee to your valuable money.

    You can contact me on [email protected] if you want more details about good performing mutual fund and I will suggest you some good fund for your research and decision.

    Be a wise investor. Don’t follow public blindly. Hundred people have 100 different opinions… you can certainly win if your move is correct as per what your mind saying.

    Best wishes

  3. dear first u have to decide u want to take risk or not if u want to risk then invest in share market or if you want to play safe then invest in mutal fund and if dear u want gud return + insurance + guranteed return then i adivice u to invest in some insurance product it will give you risk cover and whole life income if u want to know some more or haveing any problem then feel free to call me. rgrads Sandeep Dable (919911816795)

  4. Be patient,
    Go for any stock brokers nearer,
    like geojit finance, sharekhan,reliancemoney,indiabulls, religare etc,
    I prefer geojit.
    apply for PAN,
    then DEMAT account,
    It takes nearly 2 months.
    During this, study market.
    Invest in leading stocks.
    Invest some money in insurance
    like Reliance Insurance. Its good.
    Be a long term investor,


  5. Lot of Options shown in various answers,
    Investing in shares require knowledge of market and Patience, In my opinion you must invest your funds in various parts, keep some for Mutual Funds, Some for Shares and Invest some money regularly through Systematic Investment Plan.
    The list of Various Picks can be provided to you on specefic request on my email ID: [email protected]
    You can call me after market Hours Means after 3:30 PM. Mail me and get my contact number.

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