Where to buy and sell gold bars/ coins in Delhi?

I want to buy gold bars or gold coins in Delhi. Some say that banks are selling it for higher price, so I guess I should opt for jeweller shop. Any idea, which jelweller shop can I trust? Also, how do I know if the gold bar is pure?

Do I need a PAN card at the time of buying and selling gold bar from jeweley shop?

Do I need to pay tax if at the time of selling gold bar? What if I got cash from buyer?

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  1. Banks may be offering a higher price but it’s safe and prudent to buy gold from banks as the gold is pure and reliable and will certainly give you better returns whether or not you sell them back to bank or in open market… ICICI bank Gold is good.. Go for it

  2. the best and safest options is to buy from HDFC bank
    or if u want to buy from a jeweller
    go to Tribhuvan das Bhimji Javery, 1 scindia house, janpath, connaugt place

  3. There are a lot of sources where you can buy gold. You can also invest in gold-related securities so that you do not have to own the actual metal. This site has a lot of good information about getting started investing in gold and gold-related or precious metal investments.

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