9 Replies to “Where should i invest my earned money for saving income tax ? My income is 8 lacs per annum.?”

  1. Ask Chidambaram Sir !

    Ok:You can invest a maximum of Rs.100,000 in various investments,just break this into NSC/PPF/ULIP/LIC/ELSS etc.Secondly,go for Home loan,which will help you reduce tax burden further!But Chidu sir,is in the way of eliminating all these tax breaks and he wants you to spend more and enjoy more .So dont worry,spend happily

  2. you can invest in following investment up to Rs.100000/- to get relief
    under the income tax Act U/s 80C
    (1) Public Provident fund …(Maximum up to Rs.70000 per year)
    (2)NSE (V111 issue)

  3. You should invest in mutual funds.especially in Elss .Returns from these scheme are Tax Free . you can also gety deduction Us 80 c.

  4. Put Max limit permissible in PPF, balance in tax saving RBI bonds, and LIC policies. After that go to the nearest IT office and submit return and pay your tax. After all why bother about tax when you are earning 8Lacs per annum A couple of lacs here or there hardly matters.

  5. Infrastructure bonds of IDBI or such institutions are tax exempted with a particular limit. Of course, you can have a look at the other suggestions.

  6. Under Section 80 C a deduction of RS 1 lakh is available;Broadly this covers investment/repayment in the following:
    NSC,EPF,PPF,Superannuation schemes,repayment of principal on house loan availed.Hence,in addition to basic exemption of Rs 1.35 lakhs per annum.Rs 1 lakh can be avalied which is the maximum limit under any combination of the above put together

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