16 Replies to “where i find better service in ICICI Bank Or HDFC Bank please tell me only one bank name?”

  1. ICICI, as long as you keep re-paying there installments on dot.

    Don’t think HDFC has such a good service.

    (Have to bear in mind, almost everything happens online. Need to be sure what you’re agreeing for & what it means )

  2. I tried to open a dmat account in ICICI, and called up their customer care service, an automated voice said ” currently all our representatives are busy. We cannot take your call now. Pls call later” and the phone got shut. I called several times in a day and it did not even put me on hold so that I can wait till another person can talk to me. I had no way to contact ICICI. It was very frustrating. I am going to try Kotak Securities. I am not too sure about HDFC.

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