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  1. down down down….aur kahin nahi jaa sakta…
    par right now apne shares mat sell karo caus u’ll end up losing more…evn a lot of my moms cash is stuck…so just w8 and watch

  2. The next months going to be really nasty for the stock markets……U may see nifty touching 1700 levels and sensex 6000 levels…..before some sort of an rebound happens…..U can go for some quality investments at those levels……..But by march 2009 sensex will touch 15200 levels….

    Happy investing

  3. The grand casino Sensex of Mumbai leads where the super-class insiders and smarties wish it to book a profit and vanish in smoke somewhere in 2010 and make room for another vicious cycle…

  4. i believe sensex has significantly bottomed out as the history says good days always come but that is uncertain but the uncertanity never be as usual this time because the next bouse is overdue now,most of bad news is gone,inflation easses,crude drops,govt stabilize,equity has corrected a lot,intrest rate are comming down…….what else except a definate puullback which can take the index to 17600 in 12 months from now for sure….investing now is a golden oppurtunity comes in every 6 years ,….so grab good stocks and just forget them for 12 mths u will definately get satisfactory returns…….