9 Replies to “Where can I get the tips for investing in stock market?”

  1. Hello,
    welcome to stock market trading, first let me know ur details , like what education u have done & now a days any job or what u r doing, how much Amount u want to invest , for how long u can be invested, how much time u can give stock mkts trading.
    these days mkts have become very volitile & requiry much concentration , upgrading every hour with world mkts movement . there r many Analysts who can send u buying selling tips with hard work , discipline u may earn ard 10-15000/ pm. If interested details can be disscussed. mobile:09342342645 , yahoo ID:liyaqatulla Byeeeeee

  2. there are many sites which offer tips. But u should rely only on quality tips. Otherwise ur entire money will be lost in trading these small and penny caps.

    There is a forum here where some tips are discussed. Look at this:

  3. The vecious circle of tips is like this.

    Operators are always in the hunt for securities with low volume and on which they can build some story. Once they find such script they start buying it silently from the market.

    Once they have cornered sufficient stock they start advising it to their close circle. Obviously people in close circle do not keep quite. once they buy their quota they start advising it to second line of close circle.(due to their buying prices are already moved by around 10%). And so on. By the time the tips reaches to suckers (retail investors) the prices are already moved up too much and that time operators start dumping their quota to the market.

    The best way is study the underlying economic conditions. if it makes you feel bulish buy nifty and if otherwise sell nifty.

  4. Studying the market will save you from the potential pitfalls in your investments as now you will be more aware of the principles of investing. To understand the market, read everything about process, find out how to judge the worth of the good stock etc. The more aware you become, it is possible for you to make smart investments and earn a profit. It will also allow you to design an investment plan for both the short term and for the long term.

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