Where can I get a best Comprehensive Health Insurance for my family, at lowest rate?

I need a re-imbursement scheme for my family (2 adults + 2 children). I should be re-imbursed for treatment in any hospital in India. Claim settlement should be fast, means should not take more than 2 months. I should not be called for medical check up before issuing the policy, because I am too busy. I am 41 year old and my wife is 38 years old. Kids are 11 years and 7 years.

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  1. It is always desirable to have a Mediclaim policy from a PSU. You can avail a health policy of National Insurance Company through their biggest corporate agent SEVAK HEALTHCARE SERVICES. Because NIC policies offered through this corporate agent is very cost effective, has highest ratio in claim settlement, can avail treatment in any Indian hospitals. For a simple Rs. 5000/- annual premium (Same premium irrespective of age, ie from 03 months to 55 years) and without any medical check up the following benefits are offered for 2 Adults + 2 Children
    Hospitalisation (illness, domestic accident & accident) Rs. 5,75,000
    Disability caused by accident (one organ) Rs. 1L for first mem, 50K each for others.
    Disability caused by accident (2 organst) Rs. 1L for first mem. 1L each for others
    Death caused by accident Rs 2L for first mem, 1L each for others
    if accident death to first mem additional 2L marriage assistance for a girl child and Rs.2L education aid for studying children. Total premium Rs. 5,000/- per annum for 2A+2C. No medical check up. fill up the form and get the policy within 10 working days. Contact me 0-9745019123

  2. Hi,

    When you go for family health insurance you must make sure you check what all ailments fall under the policy. If you have a family history of certain ailments that don’t fall under a certain plan, please don’t take that plan. Also, if you have a transferable job then your policy would be expensive as a larger hospital network is what you would be opting for. Most policies divide their hospitals in zones and there is a different plan for each zone. So check for that.

    Like a Future Generali Health Suraksha Plan gives you a network of 4000 hospitals nationally, free health check ups by the fourth year and surgeries within 3 years. It includes ambulance charges, day care fee, fee for the person accompanying the patient and also requires no health check up before taking the policy. The plan also has many renewal discounts. Check the plan out sometime. They have a toll free number also 1800-220-233.

  3. For your age and family, there are numerous health insurance options available in India without medical tests. You need to contact a full services health insurance broker in India. Only such a company will have a specialized team to offer you good advise and professional claims assistance.
    Someone like Medimanage Health Insurance Brokers who are focused on Health Insurance services. They dont charge for their services as they get paid by the Health Insurance co. you choose. Very good services.

    Check useful articles on their website: http://www.medimanage.com/my-health-insurance.aspx

    Check this link if you want to send them an inquiry. http://www.medimanage.com/inquiry.aspx

  4. When it come to protect our family you take good health insurance which is really reliable…. i now few i.e LIC, RELIANCE etc…

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