where can i find the best chat room for discussing about the stock market…?

I have seen many technical language like c# , c++, sql server, etc,….

there are many forums and chat room where i can find info about those tech.

But for the info about the techs of stock market and more discussion about the stocks and its hedges … or not …

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  1. Never discuss stock markets with someone you do not trust, not even the so called experts who regularly appear on tv channels to advise buy or sell recommendations because most of the times they put a buy reco on shares which they want to exit and sell recommendation on those which they want to buy..If you are interested to know the meaning of the technical terms used in the stock market transactions, you can visit investopedia.com where a glossary section provides reasonably good definitions of techs. In any case it is not a good idea to dabble in stock markets without having a reasonably good understanding of the market fundamentals and technicals. A good starting point is to lay your hands on a good basic text book on stock markets.

  2. Orkut has got many community forums through which you can discuss your ideas. But many of them here are naive and do not expect any significant benefit out of them

  3. i think u can visit zibika.com it is an end to end platform for people to network and access personal finance content covering banking, insurance and markets.
    you can make friends, manage your portfolio, share your portfolio with friends (optional), blog, send messages, rate products, share your views and track & apply for thousands of products across banking, insurance and cards.

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