when should i invest in mutual funds, according to sensex?

I am a newbie , like to invest in mutual funds as SIP for long term goals. was ready today then my wealth adviser from bank told me to hold till sensex are down. didnt had much clue i obliged. can any one please detail.

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  1. I’ve been successfully investing for a long time. My advice to you, since you indicate you are looking long term, is to simply invest in an S&P 500 Index Fund. It is a low operating cost fund, and if you look at its performance over the MANY decades it has existed you will clearly see that the general trend is up.

    Make sure you understand how mutual funds work, what dollar-cost averaging is, and the importance of continuing to invest in a fund even when the cost of shares drops. (See “understand how mutual funds work” above.)

  2. Best way to start investment in mutual fund is when sensex comes 1000 points down from current level. First understand the fund and it perofrmnce and then invest.

  3. Everytime is the best for investment. So when you think to invest then choose the best one mutual fund which is growing on daily basis. Its advisable that you choose banking mutual fund because these works like guaranteed income plan. So when you think that sensex is some points down, invest asap.


  4. Mutual funds can be bought directly from a mutual fund company, a bank or a brokerage firm. Mutual funds can offer the advantages of diversification and professional management. You can sell your shares back to the issuer at any time if you need cash. Also, the typical mutual fund holds dozens and often hundreds of different securities.

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