When I file income taxes, who can see that I filed?

If I file income taxes, who can see that I filed? Does my employer recieve paperwork?
Ok, the situation is this: I get paid cash. My employer doesn’t want employees who work under the table to file income taxes. So, if I file, will he know?
I’ve filed for the last 3 years. Self employed or something like that. The tax professional used Schedule C I believe. Do they see if you filed under Schedule C?
So, if I file and they get audited but I can prove I got the income through DCF paperwork, do they find out I am the one who filed?
There are 7 employees.. 2 are paid by check.

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  1. Nope. Only the IRS knows for sure.

    uh…what are you going to file? Unless you paid taxes all year on the income, you don’t have anything to get back; and as you are getting paid cash, odds are he’s treating you as a 1099 employee, and you would get in as much trouble as he would.

    He’ll know when the IRS comes calling with questions about YOUR social.

  2. The filing is between you and the IRS, the agency that the Government employs to monitor the Federal taxes and the rules for them. Unless there is a significant legal reason to “need” to see those filings no one will see them.

  3. You do realize if you file you owe taxes right? You also have to have a 1099 from your employer to file & since they aren’t doing one (obviously) you have nothing to file. If you do file & claim the income they paid you under the table your employer will be questioned as to why they didn’t send in a 1099.

  4. Usually when you are self employed you file because you are consider to be a contractor with your employee and more like working with them instead of under them. If you file only the IRS will see what you file. If he is paying you cash he is not filing his employee tax forms or issuing W2’s. His only info will be records he keeps for personal use like a business bank account showing how much cash he pays for business purposes. If your employer has more than one employee getting paid the same amount weekly I don’t think they would know unless it is a small office where your the only receptionist of course.-lol

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