when free look period of insurance policy starts?

I have one confusion in my mind.When does free look period starts?
Whether 15 days from issuance of policy or 15 days of receipt of policy by policy holder?What if policyholder receives policy after 3-4 months of policy issuance?

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  1. The 15 day Free look period starts from receipt of Policy by Policy holder..Normally, the procedure of issuance of a policy does not take more than 30 days, but there may be procedural delays. Most top of the line Ins. Cos. send Ins. Policies ONLY by REGISTERED POST…however, there are some where the agents sign on behalf of clients, take hand delivery & deliver to customers ONLY after the free look period is over. This is not only morally, but also legally wrong.

    Ruchi Kedia
    Richhpal Financials
    [email protected]

  2. Free Look period starts from the day the policy holder receives the policy, buts its tricky or the onus of proof of receipt date is on the Policy holder. therefore he has to take care while applying for the policy, not to sign on any such authority letter, which allows the agent to get the policy bond hand delivered.

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