whats the last trading amount in trading stocks?

I have a doubt that when we order to buy shares without limit price itll get executed with the last traded price means every sec the price oscillate then how cum we can be sure that the shares are bought at the price that we looked for?Then please some one tell me about mutual funds basically i dont have any idea about it,
Id be thankful to you if u resolve these questions


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  1. you can’t, thats why people put limit order to be sure, but then limit order seldom get executed,as markets has its own mind, which is different from ours.
    mutual funds are fund managed by fund manager, you buy a part of the fund, and then hope that he picks stocks carefully and has a better luck and your portfolio rises.

  2. Yes,shares are normally traded close to the last traded price but it is purchased at “Offer price” and sold at “bid price”. “Offer price” and “bid price” is proportional to last traded price. You need to purchase at a time when the price you looked for matches with the last traded price or offer price.
    Mutual funds are safer investment than shares trading.We need to invest at right time for more profit.We normally need lot of patience for getting profit.
    I benefitted from mutual funds.
    I have experience on shares trading as well as mutual funds.
    For more clarification,please mail me [email protected].

  3. See always remember, your market order is somebody else’s limit order. When you place a market order the exchange buys or sells you shares which someone is ready to sell or buy at near the LTP and who has the required number of stocks to provide you.

    Trading on market orders is like hitting a bullet in darkness. You dont know where it will hit. If you want instant execution of limit order then place the Buy limit order slightly above the LTP and Sell limit order slightly below the LTP.

    MF has been explained already.

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