Whats the best investment i can make?

I am a student i got some 5000+/- Rs.. i wanna start inviesting in assests.. where should i do this ? shares?or some precious metals? or i should just buy an iphone taking the rest of money from dad…

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  1. I would sit down with a personal banker at your bank (free) and get some information from her/him. You do not have to commit to anything at that time but you can get some valuable information.
    You should definately save it for your future.
    I would love to say buy an Iphone because I have stock in Apple, but that wouldn’t be fair to you.

  2. In a domain name and some hosting, total investment $ 10, montly paying $ 3.99 for hosting. Build a nice website and make alot of $ $ $ $ a month and in a few years it is worth millions!

  3. I always invest in property. Renovating or value adding by re-zoning or developing can provide great returns. Another benefit is you have control of your investment (rather than depending on shares etc) and you can use leverage to maximise your profits.

  4. 5000/- is too less to do any type of investment. Mutual fund is a better option, but amount is too less. But neverthe less a good start.
    Rather than assest go for some consumable which u like. buy a computer and make it use to do some business out of it. You can double it in a year.

  5. 1) Make a fixed deposit with any scheduled bank. You can compare the interest rates offered and select the best option.

    2) Invest in some good mutual funds (if you can afford to take some risk).But i feel Rs. 5000 is too small an amount to invest in MF.

    3) start a PPF (public provident fund) account. It will help you in tax savings when you start earning after your studies.

  6. Iphone. You know investing such money it is a good opportunity to lose it! As for me I’m in LS prog, and it is brings me very good payouts, but I’ve started with 100$ and it was not really scary to lose such money! So I propose you not to invest all the money! Anyway Wish you luck!

  7. You should know the meaning of mutual funds, before you choose to invest in mutual funds. These funds are a type of security that can be traded on the stock market, allowing shareholders to buy and sell shares in the funds. The revenue generated by purchase of shares is used by mutual fund manager to buy more shares of specific stocks, bonds, and other market securities and money market instruments.

    Since the prices of the stocks, bonds, and other securities held by the mutual fund vary, the value of the fund changes. The average value of every share of the mutual fund is fixed daily based on the total value of the underlying securities held by the fund.

    This involves the shareholders of a mutual fund directly with their investment as against those who just buy individual securities and observe as the prices fluctuate.

  8. well i hav invested my money into a superb business n its not sumthing dat u will become rich soon but if u work according to the norms of the business u can earn a hell lot of money.
    I m really enjoyin my life….and can see my dreams come true..

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