5 Replies to “Whats it with the recession…when will it leave since now the sensex is coming up?”

  1. That is why it is said allways lead a normal simple life
    then u will not get affected with recession
    save while u earn
    u should plan well in early life taking into account minus and plus situations

  2. When most things are bad, always some things are good. Investors in your country felt for 5 years that the government was held back from true market reform by the Communists in the coalition. Now that Congress Party won a huge victory, they think India will do much better in the next 5 years, economically, because of new policies in the government.

    You need to look at this in context; the world is still not healthy economically, but maybe the worst is over. Investors now think India might lead us out of recession, rather than China. Nobody really knows.

  3. recession will not leave in one night. it is a slow process but it will go faster than it came.Sensex is a indicator of market sentiment and markets have shown confidence in the new gov. as the gov. has got majority it will impement the schemes which were pending due to the LEFT hiccup. and as the money is pumped in the market it will show the results in a few months as the demand for goods will rise so will the production, and if the monsoon are good it will be boom timefor all sectors.

  4. Sensex is coming up is a local factor. Globally nothing has changed much.The worst is yet to come.It is a very painful slow process.The full cycle has to be completed. At least another 3years world economy will not improve

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