7 Replies to “Whats is the best life insurance policy for my family?”

  1. Respected sir, thanks to think about insurance. Which plan is good is a same question like if some one ask from a doctor which medicine is good without given any information about nature of disease to doctor. Sir , its depends upon several factor like your family structure , your liability , your loan outstanding , your future planning , your any unfulfilled dream and lots more. So i suggest you kindly re-valuate you with the help of your trusted advisor other wise i`m here for help you. Have a nice day.

  2. I strongly believe in TERM PLAN. Do some Google to understand why Term Plan are the best life insurance products.Take Amulya Jeevan or Anmol Jeevan of LIC.

  3. Insurance is only a loss reducing avenue for your nominee in your absence.

    Insurance is not an investment avenue.

    You or your nominee is better off financially if nothing happens to you.

    No insurance policy can make you richer than what you are today.

    Nor is it enough to recover the financial loss suffered by your nominee in your absence.

    At the most it will give temporary financial relief to your nominee.

    Return from any insurance policy will hardly beat REAL INFLATION.


    Visit their websites and calculate premium yourself.

    For investment there are better avenues like a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

    Also take a MEDICLAIM POLICY for self & family from a PSU like The New India Assurance Co / United India Insurance.

    Take this EVEN IF YOU HAVE GROUP COVER in your office.

    Enjoy tax benefit under 80 D

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  5. Life Insurance is a commonly used term, yet it is seldom understood and not many are confident about choosing the best life insurance policy for themselves and their families. There are many life insurance companies and innumerable plans available, but before you opt for the perfect life insurance policy, you need to evaluate the pros and cons.

    life insurance as an investment options and think about whether you really need it. And if you do, should you choose a cheap life insurance policy or opt for the best life cover available. Which insurance company should you select? And if you already have a policy, should you buy another?

    life insurance is a medium of providing a financial backup for your family even after you pass on. Life insurance is an important part of a sound financial planning. Different types of life insurance plans will not only financially protect you and your loved ones incase of unfortunate event but, also help you save in a planned manner for important goals.

    Life insurance companies charge you a regular premium for the cover it provides for chosen time period. Whereas, incase of ULIP part of the premium post deductions of charges is invested to earn returns.

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