2 Replies to “What would be the tax implication for selling the Ranbaxy shares in the open offer?”

  1. Open offer or not, selline shares is nothing but the normal equity sale process; in case you held the stock for less than 365 days, the tax is at 15% of the gains; if you held it for more than 365 days, then 0 tax.
    Mind you, the gains is not calculated for Ranbaxy alone – you need to pay the tax for the “nett” gain/loss at the end of the FY.

  2. if you sell shares of ranbaxy in open offer you can not take the benefit of exemption on long term capital gain tax and also can not avail short term capital gain tax at lessor rate 15 % flat ,this exemption are available if shares are sold through stock exchanges and STT has been paid ,and in oppen offer no stt is required to be paid…..

    but some time selling in open offer is beneficial ,its depends upon the case to case basis …..

    you can check the details from link given below



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