2 Replies to “What will yield more in 15 yrs SIP in Indian Mutual Funds? Gold ETF,Pension Plan,Elss,PPF?”

  1. Gold ETF – Depend on gold price. It can be 0% also if prices are seen at same level.

    Pension – As most of pension funds are debt oriented then I will say that return should be 12-13% in long term (though not assured)

    ELSS – ELSS have minimum 80% equity requirement. As per the past performance, it should be about 15-16% in long term though it is more risky & not assured.

    PPF – True tax free 8.5% return assured also.

    ELSS can give more return as it has maximum equity component. As the same time it is more risky due to more equity exposure.

    One should make a balance between equity & debt by investing in Mutual funds & PPF.

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