7 Replies to “what will Nifty lowest level in January-08?”

  1. Depends on the individual performance of the firms and the other influences, we can predict the low level for nift in jan. Try using this concept for forecasting in future. the PE ratio of nifty is 26.91 and the current closing is 6080 points. divide the closing price by PE ratio, u will get the earnings of the nifty to be 226. i.e. the EPS of nifty is 226 on dec 28th. find the average PE ratio of the nifty for the last 5 years. this will give you a fair value of the nifty PE. Just multiply this by the EPS of 226 and u will get the forecast of nifty. if i were to decide, then i belive a short term PE of 22 is reasonable, and hence my forecast for nifty is 4840 points if market crashes. for the true fair value, the intrinsic value of nifty would be 4400 points. If firms increase profit by 20% then nifty will go up to 7000. if firms crash by 20% then nifty will hit a bottom of 4736 points.

  2. lowest ? i doubt.. but highest – sure will be there.
    6600 is achievable in january backed by rising IT co. shares..
    yes – later in jan last week or near 20th mkt may correct, but still it will be higher than what we have now.
    for more keep checking http://www.shares2share.blogspot.com on monday mornings..

  3. It’s a difficult question to take a call on.
    The new year is just round the corner, and the valuations look pretty good. No steep fall in share market is foreseen unless some drastic things happen globally or in india (political or natural).

    Taking all this in account Nifty should not go below 5500. It will remain around 6000-6500 in next month…

  4. if people knew such things in advance , for sure, every one would be a billionaire. it is not possible for any one to konw he future, one can only make guesses. As per my guess the market should go up and not go down. but , still, who knows for sure.

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