what will happen if i dont have a third party insurance ?

i met with an accident 2 months before.it was a rental car,and there was no third party insurance.later i got a letter from the other party’s insurance company saying that i should pay the amount since iam resposible for the accident.what i should do next?pls help me….

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  1. If you were at fault and uninsured your best bet is to contact the party seeking recovery (likely a rental agency, self insured) to arrange a payment plan (promissory note). Many people think that just because they don’t have insurance that they are immune, but in many states the injured party can (and will) go to the State and have the driver’s license of the at fault party suspended. They can also file suit against you to try to garnish wages and get a judgment against you. Best bet is to be insured, but if you weren’t, you’ll have to work out a plan to pay them back, or likely suffer the consequences.

  2. You need to clear few points, your question is wage and uncertain . Is the rented car is Chauffer driven or self driven ? If you were driving the car , were you under the influence of alcohol or not ? . Extent of third party damage , whether limited to third party property or life.

    Definetly the rented car owner is also responsible for not having third party insurance . As the law says driving vehicle without third party insurence is an offence . Let me know the details and i will guide you .

    Abdul hadi

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