what will hapen if i dont pay my loan EMI?

i have taken a loan from bajaj auto finance one year ago.after paying 5 or 6 EMIs,i had to leave the city forever and i stopped the cheque payment.I am worried that what will happen to me now.I dont have so much money to pay them now.they will impose a lot of charges.
kindly give me right suggestions.

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  1. dey will send u reminders try to call u and fix out the problem and they didnt contact u or u refuse to answer there call then they have right to take the thing back for which you applied for loan.

  2. dnt ever contact them 1st…
    i dnt know for wat u hv got the loan..
    even if u wanna contact then.
    go wi full payment…
    if nt, dnt go.
    may b police risk is also ter.

  3. I am sorry to say, but you are in great trouble you have to pay them the money. Try to do something and give them the money back, otherwise you will be in a great trouble and i am not joking.

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