what will be the nifty price on 27/10/2008?

what will be the nifty price on 27/10/2008?
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4 Replies to “what will be the nifty price on 27/10/2008?”

  1. nifty though will open weak due to selling pressure but will improve smartly to close in positive.Downside it may touch 2460 but likely to close around 2780.

  2. What is the “nifty?” I have heard of the Footsie -FTSE- (UK’s broad index), but never the nifty. Anyways, futures of all major indices point downwards. I am considering gold, it MAY shoot up to about $800-850/ OZ buy Friday, but it is merely a “bet” with a whole host of economic indicators to support it.

  3. Market has almost bottomed out and there may be only a reversal trend and market may go up hereafter slowly but opening may be little weak, that is after effects of Friday’s impact. There’s no real foundation now for the market to go below any further. Expect a positive move slowly hereafter.

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