6 Replies to “what will be the initial step to be taken for beginner in stock market investment? which demat account is best?”

  1. All demat account is one and the same. Approach your bank and they will open one for you.

    The next step will be to open an online trading account. Again you bank will help you in getting this opened.


    forget about opening any accounts until you have some idea what you are doing and what risks you are taking

  3. All the DEMAT accounts function in a same manner. The stock broking firm you choose can make a huge difference though. These firms perform extensive research in market and guide their customers to make a secure and intelligent investment. I would suggest you to ope your trading account with Sushil finance. They can provide you with excellent tips for investments in stocks, mutual funds, commodities etc. Their delivering charges are also less compared to other stock broking firms. You can check their services at http://www.sushilfinance.com/

  4. Well Demat Acc. is not the only thing u’ll need for trading. U also need a trading account aling with that.
    Now a days u can open Demat and Trading account with a lot companies/banks but be sur about the comanies portfolio.
    U can also open ur account with trading account with Bezel. As I have the franchisee, I can help you regarding that. Feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected]

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