what will be my tax liability?

Hi! I work as consultant where my annual package is 3,36000. My monthly income is 28,000 without any breakup and PF deduction. After TDS, I get 25,180 every month. I have invested 6,000 in PPF and 30,000 in Sundaram BNP tax saver scheme. what will be my tax liability.

As my tax do not have any breakup how will i save tax? Please help me as im in a financial mess and the only earning member in my family.

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  1. salary received 3,36,000
    less:- ppf 6,000
    less:- Scheme 30,000
    taxable salary 3,00,000
    tax 12,360 (If women)
    tax 15,450 (Other)
    less :- TDS 33,840
    refund 18,390
    so you have a refund of 18,390 it means you did not required to pay any tax but you will get refund.
    you may decrease your tax liability by break your salary in allowances if your employer is ready to do this consult any chartered accountant.

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