What will be benefit at maturity of I-Term policy from aegon religare?

My age 38 years,I want to know about i-term policy for 10 years from aegon religare,is’t really good? Or what will be benefit after maturity of policy after 10 years? please anyone help me,Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    Its a pure insurance and the maturity value is nil. One of the cheapest insurance policy in india.
    more details you can call 1800 209 9090

  2. Term Plan is also called Protection Plan. This is a pure Insurance where ONLY the risk of death is covered for a specified period. Hence there is no maturity value.

    However it covers the risk of your death and protects your family. It is the cheapest available in the country. It needs to be purchased online without any agent intervention.

    To choose and compare the best plans, please log onto our website for further details

    Rupanjali M

  3. hii,
    aegon religare i-term would provide of limited return at the end of period due to high allocation charges , so its better to take
    policy like jeevan anand which will provide you return with insurance cover. for more details u can contact [email protected]

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