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  1. amex? you knows those suck, right? annual fees, bad terms, high interest rates, not accepted by most retailers….

    My first was offered by my bank, Bank of America. I was 15 when I opened my saving account, with the help of my dad. He just helped me meet the age requirement (18 years minimum) and provide additional ID. A few weeks after my 19th birthday Bank of America offered me a credit card, it had by far, the best rates and terms of contract. I had my choice of Visa or MasterCard, card design and rewards program. Credit line was $12,000. Prior amex sent me pretty much a credit card offer every other week. its like they were really desperate for customers. Discover sent me one every month, and three stores (store cards) offered me a card by mail. The terms were all terrible (according to my dad). Bank of America offered me the best deal and I took it.

    Its really amazing what a few years can do to the credit card industry. There I was, in 2006, making about $1200 a year at a minimum wage, seasonal part time job with less than $2500 in visible savings. And they trusted me with a $12,000 line of credit. Like that’ll happen today. I can see why they tightened things up considerably.

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