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  1. talk to a stock broker, they will set you up a port folio and recommend investments for you.
    be prepared to invest several thousand dollars in each investment.
    or hold onto your money and wait for prada to open up to investors again… if you are lucky ppr and lvmh will start a bidding frenzy over the stock.

  2. Hi Dear

    You could go to State Bank of India and ask them to open a three in one Account which consists of Saving A/c Demat A/c and Trading A/c.
    Once the account is open you can go on line abd buy Mutual Funds or Shares

  3. It would seem that you are new to investment analysis and portfolio management. In which case, we would suggest that you read the following book on the subject as an introduction:

    Investing Made Simple by Anthony Loviscek

    You may also do a search at http://www.amazon.com or at your preferred search engine to find a further selection of suitable books in this regard.

    After you have understood, the environment, the various financial instruments and the risks associated with them; and are comfortable to engage this dynamic environment; it would be time to meet with persons who are already in this work space to gain on ground feed back.

    When you are quite convinced that you would still like to go ahead with this purchasing of shares; you may then consider meeting with your bankers to open a 3-in-1 account. If per chance they do not have these services available, you may consider contacting SBI, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, amongst others in this regard.

    These banks also have investment advisory services, but they may have an annual charge attached with them. You could check with the bank when you speak with them.

    Happy investing.



  4. talk to a broker, also I would recommend that you start looking into shares that interest you. If you are interested in photo for example look at the shares of companies that build cameras and so on. It is more interesting reading about issues that are of interest to you.

    Do not just give your cash to a broker and let him/her play with it. Make sure you are involved and stick to your stop/loss plan.

    Me personally are not doing much in the stock market these days i mostly focus in the Forex market. I can recommend http://www.yptfx.com

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