3 Replies to “What the best credit card offered by a bank in india?”

  1. all credit cards are same. the difference is very very very slight. still, the best would depend on what you are looking for or need. it is very hard to generalise which is the best card. In my opinion American Express Platinum Card is THE best, but the annaul fees are rs 40,000/- . would u call this the best. I have a citibank card with no fees at all, it is free for life time. and a good credit limit. now which one would U call best. I would still call amex , the best. so, it is all personal. what is best for me could be of no use to u or vice versa.

  2. To make any credit card “the best” for “your purposes”, keep in mind just a few things while choosing / opting a credit card:

    1. The card serves your “recurring needs ” the most and in the best possible manner – whether particular kinds of shopping / transactions or payment options or credit period…etc.
    2. The card stipulates no minimum usage conditions.
    3. There are no hidden costs attached at any time to the card and the card issuer is transparent in its deals and deeds.
    4. Maximum Acceptability of the card across various merchants and at geographical locations.
    5. The Joining and Annual fees should be the least or “no fee” at all.
    6. The card issuer is customer friendly like flexible in accommodating your varying needs without any fuss or additional costs, extending free of cost and timely statements, free Internet access to your card account, efficient phone banking facility, attending to your queries and resolution of disputes efficiently and promptly…..etc.

    There are many credit card issuers / banks in India which offer above and many more features from time to time. As of today, if I have to rate the top 3 banks for the purpose, my choice would be HSBC Bank, StanChart Bank and ICICI Bank in the order of 1 to 3. Citi Bank would be A BIG NO NO!!!

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