What should i wear for the bank po interview?

I have my interview in a public sector bank. It is winter season. I am guy of 23.
i am planning to wear a full sleeve sweater with tie with navy blue trousers.
what are your views?

What should i wear for the bank po interview?
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3 Replies to “What should i wear for the bank po interview?”

  1. Hi mr rohit,CONGRATS!!! For clearing d written exam,yes,rohit,U HV CHOSEN RIGHT DRESS,bt ensure dat d sweater is light colored and has minimal fancy design.Go for light dark colord sweater.
    ROHIT ALSO DO ME A FAVOUR,MY BROTHER IS PREPARING FOR BANK PO EXAM.pls refer some imp books,coaching center and your personal suggestions.REPLY ME THRU MAIL.MY id is [email protected] you and all the best for your PI.

  2. Cream coloured checked Shirt.

    Plain Black Trousers

    Grey Tie

    Light blue sweater

    Heavily polished shoes (preferably brown shoes) with new white socks

    —-A sure presentation receipe for any good Interview.

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