What should i do with my investment?

i have invested in icici prudential fusion fund series-||
The fund ends on march 30th 2010
Should i redeem it or convert into an open ended equity scheme subsequent to maturity?

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  1. Yes, you can go for that also. It will give you good profits otherwise there are other ways also. Look those also and then make a decision.

  2. Earlier I also used to invest in mutual funds. But after I started investing in shares I stopped it completely.

    Really there is no comparison. I saw 2 important issues.

    1.When the sensex is rising the mutual fund usually don’t rise by that much. For example sensex rises by 30 percent in a year. You will see that most of the mutual funds will have given much lesser profit than 30 percent.
    2.When sensex is falling the mutual fund falls much more quickly. For example sensex falls by 20 percent in a year. You will find that most of these mutual funds are losing far more than 20 percent. I lost some good money trusting these people.

    Reason why Mutual fund underperform
    Mutual funds are like elephants in a boat. They are just very big and manage 1000’s of crores of money from investors. Now when bad news comes they cannot jump out of the boat quickly as it will cause the whole boat to sink.

    But a smart investor is small and quick, he can save his money easily and also catch the best opportunities.

    The best way I have found to be a successful investor.

    You can check out the investment strategy given in this page.

    This strategy tells about how common investors can invest based on their own judgment spending just 10 minutes a day and get 40 percent annual returns consistently

    You can try out this Free Ecourse given in this link http://www.invest-in-shares-in-9minute.com/shares-for-dummies.html , it is really very good. It is about 50 pages of very useful info. You really get to build a solid foundation of information about the share market.

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