3 Replies to “What should be the average premium for pension plan policy to get pension of minimum 10k p.m.in coming future.?”

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  2. Pension plan from life nsurance company has 2 periods.

    1. accumulation phase
    2. Annuity phase

    You save in the accumulation phase, at maturity you get upto 33% lumpsum & buy annuity with the rest.

    In traditional insurance plan, they give a return of hardly 5-6% in accumulation phase. In ULIP , almost 3-4 % of your growth is vested in charges. Also annuity offered is very low (5-6%) & you endup getting too less.

    I advice you to save through PPF/mutual fund in accumulation phase & buy immediate annuity/ survive on interest during annuity phase.

    Saving can be tax free if you choose PPF & ELSS.

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