What role can the government play in saving our environment?

What can the government do to save the earth? Is it their role to introduce laws and regulations to ensure people become more eco-friendly? How can they improve awareness about the environment?

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  1. The environmental policy; laws and rules should be understood by the public; government ; industry; the ministry of environment and forest in simple language. The law should have the same meaning in word; paper and action to all those concerned. The environmental department should be visible to the people.

  2. First of all, government should identify the environmental problems and try to solve it. Secondly, it should lauch the awareness raising programmes to make each citizen aware and concerned about environmenal problems. Educational institutions should be encouraged to include ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY in their course as compulsory so that each student may have idea about protection of earth. Development activities of government should be environment freindly and not beyond earth’s carrying capacity. It should launche conserving programmes like afforestation, dam construction. etc

  3. Nature could give us all sorts of remedies – even medicines. Unfortunate part is that the people who are advising the people to save trees themselves are destroying the trees for beautification of cities. Even if we do not want to preserve the natural resources, one should not destroy them. Rather than trying to make public awareness among the mass, the politicians in power themselves do not want to understand the realities.

  4. government can play a very crucial role in overcoming the problems of environment.
    it can introduce strict laws for heading towards eco friendly progress.
    it can impose strict control over use of plastics,emission of GHGs etc.
    but one thing has to be kept in mind without the proper participation of citizens nothing can b achieved wothwhile

  5. if govt. cease plastic bags that much would be great contribution. Isn’t it? And also tell them to spend some money on this type of plans rather than doing corruption and putting it to swiz bank.

  6. Their are laws and regulations which already exsists, government must follow them strictly for e.g air pollution act,water act, urban planning acts etc.These acts and amendmends are there since years but no priority is given to them.people can become more eco-friendly only if they come to know about the effects of their activities, so creating awareness helps.Awareness can be created through t.v ads,programmes,giving some recognition for the person who is eco-friendly,collecting fine in public places for non eco-friendly acts.

  7. The awareness of clean atmosphere should be first step for everyone. Govt. should be strictly ban on polythene use in day life it is main source of dirtiness. Cotton bags are used always. Seminars or conference are managed time to time in subject of saving our environment.

  8. The Govt. should banned cars which are polluted espeacialy the vehiles owned by the Govt, if this is their motto how come a normal car should care……..

  9. ya so many things are there:-
    1- environment(earth/dharti mata) is directly proportional to human development index/indices , and we indians have got a good part of earth….so we have never been after it to take care b/c we have plenty …beautiful hills, rivers, forests….sea shores ….etc.but we have stretched our limit as we have not able to control our population , which is the seed of every negative effect to mankind itself……human beings are capable to do anything even they can land in moon so earth is nothing …….so we are here now with good conscious …..just we have need to push it …..good education to everyone, a good uniform syllabus….either south states or north, UPA govt. plans are good regarding this. b/c practically we say ourself Indian but we are hindu…mus. or.chris…and again tamil, telgu,punjabi, bihari, marathi, gujrati…..
    2- we have to preserve forest as any cost… how …..the C.S study can give u clear picture …..read still animals are comfortable in forest with one varity of humans the TRIBALS.” the nature worshipers”..only tribals are able to live with them in any part of the world it is ever known…..as we have seen in higest budget movie AVATAR by james C….but they are now spoiled they have lost their view they are now behind the money….but GOVT can do here something not to harm the environment, the animals, the people who live with them…. law is already their just need to implement ………
    3-we need to respect every living beings created by god or nature …….with a good thought/motive/consciousness.

  10. well d govt should take d help of education institutes by doing compulsory for each student to grow a plant near their surroundings.it may help a lot

  11. govt must regulate the strong rules, should prohibit the cultivate land chance into flats. encourage the people who plant the trees and should be announced the mandatory to plant the trees.

  12. Go……Green
    first Aware the government by students/leaders(ex.anna hazare).
    government should able to think in a way so that they
    can BLEED Green
    1.separate committee for new environmental laws named as ‘GO GREEN’
    like our new lokpal bill .
    2.Then what are the laws ?
    1.every Saturdays in schools and colleges must have a period or workshop to
    plant the saplings .they should maintain what they have planted like there own property until the academics got over after that it will maintains by its own .
    2.every degree colleges must have academic points or group cultural activity which
    also counts in there academics/interviews on ‘ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS’ ISSUE
    “the team from universities should aware or motivate the common people and they should find the place where common peoples and children ‘s(10-16) can grow the plants efficiently without any harm .the places are promoted to schools and colleges so that they cay easily grow the plants in there Saturday class(they need not explicitly search for the places ). and the team should also report
    any harmful activity to the government.”


    by this only we can achieve 45% of good environment.

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