3 Replies to “what procedure an NRI has to follow to claim his deceased uncle’s property in India?”

  1. You did not clarify whether you are of what religion. The succession devolves according to religion in India. If your uncle dies intestate his legal heirs are eligible for his properties. If you think, you are the legal heir of your uncle, you can contact a civil lawyer in India for your problem solved with relevant papers.

  2. The legal heir of the deceased person who died intestate(without making Will) should have the death certificate issued by the local Municipality/District office and the Succession certificate issued under Section 372, 373 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925, by the District civil court where the deceased was ordinarily residing in India or his immovable property situated.
    On the basis of these two documents the change of name will take place in the banking record as well the revenue record (also termed as mutation of property) concerning the properties of the deceased person.

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