6 Replies to “What levels do you see the sensex and nifty one year from now?”

  1. Beyond our imagination. As in a years time India would be growing like anything. Still you can easily expect Sensex and Nifty to move up by almost 30 – 40 % .

    But of course the returns of an individual depends on stock specific.

  2. Why worry about the statistical portions so long as you make hay while the sun shines. 0ne year is too long a period. And no tipster can survive that long while making prognosis, and is bound to trip some time or the other.

  3. India is growing at about 8-9% per year. Since our companies are growing faster – sensex and the nifty will definitely be about 15% higher.

    If not they will be 30% in about 2 years.

  4. Hello where are U , what is the question you are asking? It is not possible to answer this question by anybody, If somebody is answering this question means, it is only their wish that the market should come to this level. Even God can not answer this question. It is not in our hands. You can wait and see the market. I am sorry that I am not entertaining your question at all. Thanking You Yours VRVRAO

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