What is the worst that could happen if someone sees your ATM pin number?

i want to know if someone by chance saw your ATM pin number when u r using your Atm card at the atm what can happen cause if they dont have your ATM card.? they have only Atm Pin no, Card no and A/c no.??? can they do any thing???
No stupid answers plz. Honest answers only.

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  1. Im prety sure without the card the PIN is useless, BUT if the person steals your card then they can clean out your bank by going to every cash machine they can and withdrtawing the maximum 200 or whatever it is from each , OR if someone manages to clone your card they will already have the pin. but this is not easily done if it was just a general memebr of the public or a friend who saw your PIN i wouldnt worry too much , maybe you just want to change your PIN, hope this helps

  2. I think no harm can be done by knowing only PIN no.
    Without ATM Card it is of no use.
    You see to it that you do not lose the Card.
    And best option for you is: CHANGE YOUR PASS WORD.

  3. Machine already has your card details.

    They saw your pin.

    You put them togethor and they have access to your bank account.

    Whenever entering your pin.
    Punch the numbers in with one hand, and cover that hand with your other hand.

  4. it would not hurt to cancel the card, order a new one and use the temporary one in the mean time…better safe then sorry.

  5. If the individual does not have your card information, nothing can be done. The terminal (ATM) only stores card information in buffers while processing the transaction under normal operation. There have been a few cases where terminals have been compromised and card information was stolen, but these are rare and widespread; an individual wouldn’t be watching you enter your PIN if this was the case.

    You should only be concerned if there was a ‘card skimming’ device attached to the fascia of the terminal. Skimming devices range from card reader overlays to full terminal fascia overlays, which can capture PIN information as well.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you.

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