What is the tax payable and how much i can save?

Suppose i am getting salary of 3.25lacs pa (CTC)
what will be the tax payable and how much i can save. i am paying 4000 pm towards house rent and 1700 towards insurance premium.

tell the amount i have pay after all these deductions


Krishna s

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  1. this is not according to ur CTC

    u need to ask ur H.R or personal dept. to give u a Breakup of ur CTC and how much u r getting for wat….

    like Basic salary, HRA, LTA, Medical and other stuff …

  2. you have specified ur total CTC, for correct calculation of ur tax u have to specify the bifercation of ur CTC, i.e. how is attributed to Basic Salary, D.A. And other allowances.

    only after that anything can be said in this regard.