6 Replies to “What is the smartest way to save Rs. 50000 for a 25 year old?”

  1. Put it in ULIP, will get better return without incometax. whatever u planning to put, make sure, u sud be able to pay same money on every year,

  2. If you invest Rs. 50,000 every year for 5 years, then from the 6th year you will get back, 3% of it, from 6th year it will become 11% and from the 20th year it will become 14% and continue so upto 100th year.

    This returns are 100% guaranteed as this insurance policy is a traditional plan and is not dependent on the market.

    Moreover, you will get the following benefits:

    1. As this plan is whole life term plan, not only you will earn after 5 years, but also you will have a continuous Rs. 75,000 returns year after year from the 20th year, helping you for a very good retirement planning.

    2. You don’t have to pay any tax while investing that is at entry and also while getting the returns that is at exit. Same does not happen in Fixed Deposit or Mutual Funds or any other insurance.

    3. Incase of your untimely death, the fruits of your investment can be enjoyed by your nominee – anyone with whom you are related – parents, spouse, children till 100th year.

    4. This is 100% peace of mind plan.

    You have to invest in Tata AIG Life MahaLife Gold.

  3. cannot answer as there is vey less information given. plz let us know your risk capacity, your dependence, your need of this money in how many months/years and a bit of your background

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